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Dr. Jerod

About Us

We have the dream team here at 212 Degrees of Wellness. Even though we may be biased, we hear it’s true! Our genuine and caring crew connect with people in such a friendly, personal way, it’s hard not to feel at home when you walk through the doors.

We’re happy you found us, and we invite you to get to know the family here at 212 Degrees of Wellness!

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Jerod Posey – Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Jerod was an active kid and young adult who played many sports, but his true passion has always been soccer. Along with many injuries along the way, he also suffered a career-ending knee injury after his freshman year, playing collegiate soccer. Rehabilitation gave him such a great appreciation for helping people heal so they could return to competing or just living life, doing what they loved.

His passion led him to study Fitness and Sports Medicine in college. After meeting his future wife in college, who suffered from chronic migraines, a friend suggested she visit a chiropractor. This visit would change both of their lives and heal her from a life of chronic, debilitating headaches. This ignited Dr. Jerod’s passion for natural healing even more and set him on a personal path of drug-free health for himself and his family.

Dr. Jerod received his second bachelors and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from Logan University in St. Louis in 2008. Since graduating, he has enjoyed helping patients feel better every day, and considers his greatest success the personal change he’s seen in his family as they strive to live naturally healthy lives daily.

Through natural chiropractic care, Dr. Jerod cares for patients young and old and welcomes everyone into his Wildwood practice. Offering a variety of custom adjustment techniques, Dr. Jerod also loves caring for pregnant women, newborn babies, stressed moms and young athletes.

When Dr. Jerod isn’t busy helping change people’s lives, he enjoys spending family time with his wife and their three children. He loves the outdoors including hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting and engaging in everything his beautiful home of Wildwood has to offer. Dr. Jerod also coaches his son’s little league soccer team and loves that it helps connect him with his local community. This also includes volunteering at his church in Eureka and serving on the community board for Mercy Multiplied, a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to helping young women break free from life-controlling issues.

Come say ‘hey’ to Dr. Jerod, and let’s see how 212 Degrees of Wellness can transform your health today!

Meet The Team

Kelly – Chiropractic Assistant

Kelly is our rock star front desk coordinator and serves alongside Dr. Jerod as a Chiropractic Assistant. Her upbeat attitude and smiling face are contagious. She has a positive energy about her that immediately makes an impact with everyone she comes in contact with. Kelly runs the schedule and answers the incoming calls to 212 Degrees of Wellness. She is also instrumental in helping assist with setting up our events and assisting patients with in-office rehab. Come by and say ‘hello’ to Kelly when you’re in the neighborhood!

Cindy – Office Manager

Cindy is a mainstay at 212 Degrees of Wellness. She has been with Dr. Jerod for over eight years! She dominates everything behind the scenes of 212 Degrees of Wellness, handling back office work, like billing, payroll, ordering resources and invoicing. She has a passion for people and enjoys interacting with our practice members so she still works one day a week at the front desk and assists patients with in-office rehab therapies. Say hey to Cindy when you come to see us!

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